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Jul 19, 2011 7:00pm EDT
brooks allowed or created or allowed to exist a culture that these things could happen and they didn't know about it. >> and it was profound theater to begin with, and as you mentioned, a lot of questions we would still like answered. we'll see how that plays out, but in the middle of this theater, a subplot, if you will. somebody tries to pie rupert murdoch. describe the scene as you recall it and especially i would say a rather feisty defense of mr. murdoch by his wife. >> oh, i mean, well, we're watching from the back. the picture -- all of a sudden, the noise. you see this woman in pink launch herself, going to give somebody a right hook. you then see james murdoch get out the chair like this. now, at first i couldn't tell whether mr. murdoch sr. had been hit. you can then -- in later pictures if you look close, you can see the foam. more than one person suggested that, you know, this could have been a brick, it could have been, you know, nails, it could have been much more serious. you have to bear in mind if it had been anything like that, it wouldn't have got into the roo
Jul 26, 2011 7:00pm EDT
about what david brooks wrote in "the new york times" today, the columnist, an opinion columnist wrote, quote, obama's friday appearance had a gigantic unintended consequence. it brought members of congress together. they decided to take control. the white house is now on the sidelines. democratic and republican congressional leaders are negotiating directly with one another. the president really on the sidelines and do you think the white house is concerned about that perception? >> i think on friday that's where it put him. david brooks, of course, is the bellwether columnist, tell us where a lot of washington is, president went out there emotional on friday and very upset and with his speech last night, i don't think we saw the effect that he wanted, the effect that his people wanted, that's why they've been all over the networks today trying to make their case, but i don't think the president is as engaged in this fight as he'd like to be and certainly without as much power as he needs at this point. >> jackie, i know you talk to as many people in this town as anyone, just yo
Jul 5, 2011 7:00pm EDT
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Jul 12, 2011 7:00pm EDT
with it themselves. >> of course. albert brooks had a very funny line once. poignant but also hit it on the mark. he said, where did betty ford go? >> and the betty ford clinic of course was one of the most -- one of the -- still public sites about this. let's talk a little more. breast cancer was another battle she went through publicly. some of the women there today, the political women, hillary clinton, michelle obama, said she did so much for dealing with breast cancer in the public format. a conversation you had with her in july 1998. >> ma-- always been extremely on and frank when she had her mastectomy. >> was that our business? >> betty thought it was important for her to be open about it and thank goodness she did because as a consequence many, many, many women around the country went to have the examination that either pointed out the fact that that person had cancer or didn't. and that saved many, many lives. now, in the case of alcohol and chemical dependency. that was a much more difficult one -- >> but she did. >> she did and i'm darn proud of her. >> the late former pr
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)